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Its Time for Change!

                          The Baby Cot Shop (Formerly Punkin Patch Interiors)

The Baby Cot Shop
(Formerly Punkin Patch Interiors)

A few weeks ago I shared on my microblog how a particular book helped me embrace and accept change. I had experienced an upheaval in my life and needed to say goodbye to a part of my life. I didn’t want to. Even though it was evident that the issue was dead and buried, I held on, willing it to come back to life. I was eventually able to let go and have since kept the real possibility of change at the forefront of my mind. We don’t like being blindsided, right?

Well, it’s time for change again! Thankfully, it isn’t borne out of an upheaval or difficulty but rather it has come as a consequence of growth, I am very excited and no doubt you will be too.

Punkin Patch Interiors has changed its name to The Baby Cot Shop. The decision to change it became easier to make once we received feedback from you, our clients. The change to the more apt name is effective immediately, which means our domain name and email address will also be changing, but you can still reach us via the old name.

What else has changed? 

  • Our product line has been streamlined with more beautiful furniture and linens added. We have also included some of our own branded products¬†and that line is growing rapidly. Some of the items get their inspiration from what you tell us about your children!
  • We have made a commitment to partner with the environment by encouraging sustainable living. We strive to use only sustainable techniques and eco-friendly materials which are also safe for your family.

We will continue to strive to improve our product line and customer service, your feedback following our most recent improvement on our delivery policies was very encouraging, thank you for taking the time out to let us know your thoughts.

We are always available by phone or email, don’t forget we offer free interior design advice as well. I look forward to serving you and your family as it grows!

Warm wishes,

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