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Luxury in the Nursery

Nursery design usually starts with a budget, but not everyone has one.

When we get a phone call from a client using the words; ‘blow the budget’, we translate that into, ‘I want the best that money can buy for my baby‘. The best means the safest, the most creative, the most aesthetically pleasing. What that parent means is ‘I want a nursery that creates the fondest memories so my baby grows up knowing I did the best humanly possible, to give him the best start in life’. There are many things in life we have no control over, but where possible, we always want to create the best life for our children.


Gold Leaf Nursery

A luxury nursery that blows the budget really does pull out all the stops. From gold leaf furniture to giant giraffes, the only limit for a luxury nursery is your imagination.


Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon’s Twin Nursery

This shade of green used with cream is a bit grown up, but the soft toile fabric and hints of pink really soften the overall look. Still it works well as the cots convert to toddler beds, so the twins have a chance to grow with their nursery. Again any formality of this glamorous nursery is played down by the giant giraffe in the corner. We love the two nursery gliders as well; one for each parent holding a baby each!

A similar design with your own personal touch is easily achievable with our custom nursery design service. If you plan on collecting ideas from magazines or celebrity rooms, it is always best to use that purely as a source of inspiration; you don’t want a copycat room because the final result should be more than just aesthetics, you want it to have the right ambience too, your ambience.


We love what Dr Phill’s first grand daughter’s nursery looks like, a European inspired nursery. It is very grand yet retains a simple elegance that is gentle and babyish. The entire nursey is in neutral colours, with the drapery garnering all the attention. Sometimes all you need is one exquisite item strategically used to achieve a truly opulent feel. Curtains in rich fabrics are always a good choice.


Neutral nursery with a touch of coral

This stunning pink nursery from Little Crown is both delicate and feminine, yet it isn’t over the top. When using dramatic wallpaper restrict it’s use to one wall only, the focal wall. It is from this point that all the other pieces draw their inspiration in measured quantities. The luxury baby bedding only has a hint of pink but oversized bows in the same hue are used to dress up the cot. Ornate picture frames in burnished gold finish the look.


Pink and Gold Nursery, elegant but not over the top.

Whatever your taste and preferences, make sure safety forms the bedrock of your nursery. Yes, you can have safe and glamourous in one room.

Need assistance with your nursery? Punkin Patch Interiors offer a full baby and child interior design service. Contact us to request this.




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Need Colour? Don’t Use Paint

While designing your home or nursery without the help of an interior designer you may feel restricted and compelled to do things traditionally, like adding colour to your nursery or bedroom using paint on the walls. Colour does not have to be used only on the walls, it can be introduced via your baby’s bedding, room accessories like rugs, lighting or drawer knobs.

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