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Nursery Design Ideas- London Event

Can I have an all-white nursery and still make it look interesting?

Find out how to use colour in your nursery at our next talk, How to Create a Dream Nursery.

Learn how to:
  • Choose Furniture & Bedding
  • Use colour effectively
  • Maximise space
  • Accessorize 

Gracelands Yard
102 Liddell Gardens
Kensal Rise, London
NW10 3QE

Time: 10am
Date: 22nd June 2013

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No one told me this BEFORE I started a family!

Congrats to Jen and Ben on expecting child number 3! Do you think it gets harder or easier with each child? When I was expecting my first I was SO prepared and eager to hold him in my arms.  At least that’s what I thought until he came out and I became overwhelmed that I

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