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Why Choose Bespoke Nursery Furniture?

Why choose bespoke nursery furniture? It can be a challenge sometimes to find furniture that fits in perfectly with the décor that you envision for your child’s nursery or bedroom and sometimes the only workable solution is to commission custom made baby furniture. After all, there’s no reason why your baby should get a cookie cutter bedroom space that does not reflect their individuality and your own personal design style.

Bespoke Nursery Furniture is Designed Based on Your Needs

One of the primary benefits of bespoke nursery furniture is that the pieces are designed specifically with you and your baby in mind. You don’t have to worry about a cot fitting into a particular corner of the room or with the colour of the changing station clashing with the wall colours. The pieces you commission will fit in the space and result in a more cohesive final product.

Bespoke Pieces are safer than Mass-Produced Furniture

Handcrafted nursery furniture is generally safer than the generic, mass-produced furniture on the market. With bespoke furniture there is often a concerted effort and commitment to adhering to European Safety Standards. This means premium solid woods are used and the final product is normally finished with a nontoxic or water based paint or treatment. Some other safe alternative materials include willow and bamboo. With these kinds of controls in place, there is a certain level of comfort that can be derived from choosing safe handcrafted pieces for your baby’s room instead of mass-produced furniture.

Here are our top tips for incorporating bespoke furniture in your babies nursery…

  •  Try Using Custom Made Storage

Allison K

<Designers Sissy & Marley via Project Nursery>

This piece is a wonderful custom option for storage. The color palate is neutral and very versatile which makes it a great addition for a nursery that has simplicity and functionality in mind. Babies and children have a variety of storage needs from nappies and swaddles to toys and dress-up outfits. This cube storage unit creates the versatility that’s required for your growing child.

  • Get Coordinated

co-ordinated pieces

<via Project Nursery>

There are several custom design elements in this nursery that work really well. The rocking chair – clearly a strong focal piece in the room – is a lovely and unique addition which will also provide much comfort for mummy while nursing. The wall art and the cot are also handcrafted pieces that come together nicely in the space anchoring the design.

  •  Wrought Iron Instead of Wood

Manhattan Iron Cot

<The Baby Cot Shop>

This bespoke wrought iron cot is really a statement piece that was made to take center stage in your child’s nursery. Lacquered with non-toxic paints, this cot is as safe as it is elegant. It’s the kind of piece that could work as the starting point for an entire room design.

  •  Make the Cot the Focus of the Room

PUNKIN_PATCH-Cinderella-Cot-hi res

<The Baby Cot Shop>

This exquisite fairy tale inspired cot is a spectacular piece, definitely among the more opulent of bespoke pieces. It looks very much like it was handcrafted to be focal point and inspiration source in your baby’s new unique room. Which its sense of whimsy and luxury the design is also sure to challenge your baby’s imagination.

Contact us at design@thebabycotshop.com for a consultation on your bespoke nursery furniture requirements. We also create beautiful custom furniture for children.

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