I had a dream just the other night about a dear Aunt. Somehow we had managed to go a couple of years without so much as a phone call- nothing ontoward had happened, just the ebbs and flows of life. You can imagine my surprise when she called me out of the blue, 2 years after we last spoke. She said I had been on her mind. All I could do was wish that I had called first as it sounded rather lame to say ” I dreamt about you last night, I was going to call you today” or “actually, you were on my mind too!” Does that ever happen to you?

I have decided (rather belatedly) to stay better conected with friends and family. It is so easy to allow facebook, twitter and the likes to replace loving family relatonships -having my cousins on facebook and posting the customary, annual “happy birthday“, along with that pink, 2-tiered cake with yellow candles everybody uses doesn’t really do our relationship justice. So it is more phone calls for me from now on and perhaps even more visits- then again maybe no visits yet, we’ll do it one step at a time!

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