Did you know there is an abundance of psychological evidence showing how colours affect our moods and emotions? When deciding on the paint colours to use in your baby’s nursery, it is wise to consider the impact that certain colours have on us. Sometimes, a wall colour that looks good in our heads can turn out to look (and feel) not so good in reality! To help you choose the right paint colours for your child’s bedroom, we’ve collected everything we know about colours and their effects.


Red Hig Sleeper with cream desk

Red. Red is a very bold and striking colour, so using it as an accent would be more suitable than covering your child’s walls in it. With just a touch of red, you can make some areas of your nursery stand out; an excessive amount can overstimulate your child and therefore result in hyperactivity. We imagine that’s something you’d certainly like to avoid when they’re having a tantrum!



Orange. Following red on the spectrum, orange is a calmer and softer colour which makes your little one feel comfortable. It is warm and welcoming and babies and children react to it well. Orange even encourages conversations, making it great for playrooms. For an extra modern look, apply a large dose of orange to a feature wall. Mixed with aqua, it makes a great unisex nursery.



Yellow. Yellow is bright, cheerful colour but too much yellow in your baby’s space can be overpowering for them. A subtle shade of yellow combined with white and soft greys builds the perfect balance of serenity and vibrancy.



Green. Of course, green is the colour of nature. It is possibly the easiest and safest colour to use in your child’s bedroom; it is calm and creates a serene atmosphere. For rooms that don’t have much natural light, use lighter shades as too dark a shade can appear quite gloomy. While green works well with almost any colour, pay attention to the shade of green you choose to coordinate with other colours as some work better than others.



Blue. Blue is the universal colour for boys, so it is very easy to opt for if you’re expecting a little man! A lot of blue however, especially darker shades, can again generate a feeling of gloominess. Baby blues blended with white yields serenity, innocence and purity. Soft shades of blue go well with greens and pinks like an evening sky when the sun is setting. It also aids concentration, making it great for home offices and studies.


white-andy-rect-lilac-interiors Purple. The colour of royalty, purple has a very luxurious appeal. Paler purples, like lavenders and lilacs, are more tranquil yet they still promote that plush feeling. Purple is also an unnatural colour, given that it isn’t widely found in nature, so it will work well in playrooms as it encourages imaginative play.



Pink. You can’t go wrong with pink! Like blue is with boys, pink is the most commonly associated colour with girls. It is also very calming so, for babies who are prone to throwing tantrums, pink is an ideal colour choice. White and even baby blue accents look fabulous in a pink nursery.


round crib queen anne legs600

White. White is a clean and modern colour that can soften almost any look. Use white alone to create a fresh-looking nursery or add different textures to give your nursery more depth, especially if it is a large space, to prevent it from looking too sparse. For a traditional touch, use off-white instead.


Grey Zg Zag Bedding

Grey. Grey can create a very modern-looking nursery and inspire thought, but too much of it can promote loneliness. A warm tone with bright colours applied elsewhere in the nursery is the best way to use grey.


Brown. Like green, brown is an earthy colour and forms a good base for most nursery styles. It makes a great neutral shade and can be successfully combined with warm or cool colours. Again however, avoid using too much brown – it can become quite dull.

black and white

Black. Strong and dark, black is another colour best used in moderation. Use it in a room that has large windows and a lot of natural lighting; you don’t want to make your nursery feel too intense. It makes a great feature wall colour to highlight brighter-coloured decorative accessories.

NEWRound Gold Crb Lifestyle
Gold. We love gold in a nursery! As an accent colour, use gold to make your nursery look lustrous and exquisite. It is trendy and appropriate for both boys and girls.

We hope you found this guide to choosing the perfect paint colours for both you and your little one useful!

Colour doesn’t have to be introduced merely through paints; luxury baby furniture, bedding and decorative accessories that come in a range of colours can enhance the mood of your nursery considerably. Have a wall mural painted on just one or on every wall to really spark the imagination of your little one. Our services at The Baby Cot Shop can make this all possible.

If you’re still stuck on how to choose the right paint colours for your baby’s nursery, email design@thebabycotshop.com and we’ll be more than happy to help.


Written by Sophie Pavlou

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