As a first-time mum-to-be, things can get overwhelming very quickly once you begin to discover the amount of information that is out there. We have put together some nursery design rules to help answer some of the questions we have been asked:

“How do I design my nursery? Are there any rules for nursery design?”

“What should I buy first? A cot or a Moses basket?”

“What exactly is a crib and do I really need a nursery glider?”

Nursery Design Rule #1  Safety First

When it comes to babies and children, safety should form the basis of the room design. Did you know there are European safety standards set to which nursery furniture and bedding must adhere to? For example, the gaps between the slats of a cot must not exceed 60 cm in width. This is to prevent baby’s head from getting through the gaps, a potentially dangerous situation. Ties on the baby bedding should not be excessively long as it can be a strangulation hazard. When purchasing your baby’s cot, ask if it is made to the latest safety standards for baby furniture.  If you are having it made for you, make sure your craftsman is well versed on the regulations which do change and are available for purchase online.  If in doubt, ask. Are you inheriting a cot? Again you want to make sure it is safe to use, particular attention is needed here as old paints may be high in VOCs, which isn’t safe for baby. If in doubt, refer back to the current regulations and always, always buy a new mattress.


In the nursery, less is more.

Rule #2 Less is more

Nursery furniture can be sold in sets or individual pieces. A Nursery Furniture Set will have a cot, wardrobe, and changing table. Start by measuring your space and draw a plan to take with you to the baby store. Be sure to make allowance for moving around the nursery, and the wardrobe you want isn’t too tall for that sloping ceiling. The same rule applies when you are tempted to decorate with a plethora of accessories and soft furnishings because you love them all. Don’t use too many accessories, rather pick a theme and run with it.


Baby Nursery in soft pastels

Rule #3 Throw out primary colours.

Okay, that seems rather far-fetched but it is a common misconception that because babies love colour they need to be enclosed in a rainbow-themed room. Use strong bright colours in the playroom instead of the nursery as you don’t want your child so stimulated that she cannot sleep. Instead, choose pastel shades, they don’t have to be multiple shades either. Colour can be introduced via nursery accessories and decor if you are reluctant to use it on the walls. Pick one or two from an accessory you have chosen and use that as your starting point. This year we’ve seen an increase in the use of metallic colours in the nursery, like rose-gold. Draw inspiration from your favourite decorative item in the house and extend it into the nursery.


Plan your accessories

Rule#4 Accessorize Intentionally

Do you have a favourite item that was used in your nursery as a baby? Perhaps a favourite toy, picture frame or piece of jewelry? The nursery is the newest room in the house but does not have to look severe or aloof; warm it up by incorporating intimate and personal items into the design. and make it your’s. You will be spending nearly as much time as your baby in there, so why not make it memorable for you as well?

Rule #5 Enjoy!

Some parents work towards having their nurseries completed by the time baby arrives. You should really aim to have it ready at least 3 months prior to baby’s arrival; this allows you to enjoy and relax in that special space. A Nursery Glider, which is a modern day rocking chair with a gliding motion- will ease tired backs and provide much-needed relaxation before and after baby arrives. Bringing a child into the world is one of life’s greatest miracles and it can come with unprecedented levels of anxiety. We constantly worry if we’re doing this parenting thing right. We ask questions about the wellbeing of our child and our own suitability as parents. With this comes the temptation to not enjoy this part of our journey. Rule #5 should really be an affirmation; “I will enjoy every part of my pregnancy.”

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