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A place for everything. Being a mum to four boys, nothing irks me more than an odd sock that’s homeless. You might argue that motherhood isn’t a necessary qualification to dislike odd socks and the likes, but if like me you deal with an average of 2 odd pairs per week and multiply that by 4, you may be inclined to agree with me. I do like a few toys lying around as it reflects the presence of life, aka children about, but what do you do with a single sock knowing the day may come when you find it’s missing partner? That is what life is like without allocated storage.

I decided to go on a voyage to find ideal storage for children and adults alike and pinned some favourites to our pinterest board.

Magazine Storage

Modern Magazine Storage

So I came across this really stylish storage for my favorite magazines. I am yet to be blessed with the opportunity of reading a magazine from cover to cover in one sitting so this I find to be very ideal for my half-read, past issue mags. I love the colour because it is neutral and goes with my brown leather sofas. I think The Holding Company should make them in various colours though, can you imagine having a neutral coloured living room and then a sudden pop of colour in the form of this beauty in maroon?

My latest fad is wearing fabric roses in my hair. So when I bought my first pair in black and another couple in purple (I didn’t mean to rhyme) I thought that would be it. Who knew that 3 weeks later I would be gunning for the entire colour spectrum of hair clips? I get them from H&M or Bijou Brigitte and they are very pretty, but constantly fall off my dressing table. Enter Mes Chouchous Hairband Box, another winner from The Holding Company, it is stylish, girly and I love it!

Pretty Storage for Hair Thingys

Hair Clips Storage


I love fabrics. I adore fabrics. I can’t find the right descriptive term to describe my love-affair for fabric of different textures and colours, but that is my obsession. Because I design bedding and other soft furnishings I have to have fabric swatches within reach at home as well as at the office. I might be eating a salad and the idea comes to me to create a bedding set combining the exact shade of green as my rocket leaves with the with an accurately matching red as the beetroot. So I reach for my stack of fabrics to see how I can pull it off. This is my excuse for having fabric pieces EVERYWHERE in my home. Last week it was a custom made baby bedding for a set of twins, boy and girl and I designed a blue and green bedding to go with a pink and green cot bedding.  The walls were very pale green and we painted the twins names painted above each cot. Anyway, my search for perfect storage (not for the nursery) but for my fabric pieces led me to one of my favourite shops in the USA, The Container Store, where I found these pretty stacking boxes. I like the fact that the drawers are of different colours so I can place fabrics in by colour, also I can see them while the drawers are closed.

Stacking Boxes

Stacking Boxes from the Container Store

One of our dear clients recently presented us with a storage dilemma for her children’s playroom. It was quite a large room and we designed wall-to wall storage that was a mixture of open and closed units. We custom made this beautiful shelving unit and her sanity was promptly restored. I think that would be my definition of luxury. A place for everything and everything in its place. And if you can’t find a place for your stuff, our craftsmen will make you one.


One last note- if you are looking to get your home completely organised from start to finish,  you may want to get in touch with Ingrid Jansen at Lovely lady with the ability to change crazy into calm!

Bespoke Toy Storage

Bespoke Toy Shelving Unit

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