Lately, I’ve been experiencing some tension in my neck and shoulders and feeling generally on edge. On Saturday, I had a lie in and didn’t wake up until 7am and even then all I did was grab my tea and a bagel and promptly deposited myself back into my bed. The next time I would move would be 11am later that day.

I spent most of the day in bed and for some reason found myself unbearably irritated by noise. Does that ever happen to you? It was ludicrous to expect eerie quietness in a house full of guys, half of them with baritone voices, the other half with shrieky ones, but still I craved and expected that my desire for silence would be met. I didn’t get what I wanted. The boys saw my bed as an open invitation to join me and talk about everything! One at a time, sometimes two, sometimes three. I didn’t feel like that perfect mother that just oohed and aahed at every word that exited from their mouths. I felt like a Toks that needed her space.

I decided to try Stretch Yoga to help me become relaxed and loving again. Yes, you guessed right, they came looking for me. “Mum, have you seen my red jumper?” “Mum, can you please do my button for me?” Phone rings, “Mum, the train stopped at Shortlands and has been diverted, what do I do?”

It goes without saying that my chakra disappeared. The energy and relaxation the yoga instructor had lauded only minutes earlier went out of the sitting room & into the foyer, through the front door, raced down my street and ended up possibly in my neighbour’s house three doors away. She always has a smile and never seems stressed.

Because I got up extra early to have this time by myself, I am not in a crabby state of mind, thankfully. However, the relaxation I was supposed to be marinating in as I type this has been neatly undone and my de-stressing has been postponed.

Son #4 lost his second tooth and now every noun is preceded by the sentence “Can £1 buy a…?” I have no complaints there because I’ve been spared the anxiety he displayed and also bestowed on me when his first tooth fell out. ‘The tooth fairy’ left a £1 coin under his pillow, he held it in his hand and kept looking around anxiously. I injected some magic and excitement into my voice, took a deep breath and said; “You found it! The tooth fairy came!”

His response? “I’m looking for the rest of it. I really don’t think £1 buy a game for my 3DS.” (He uses the word ‘really’ a lot these days).

I have a question for you. How do you de-stress? How do you unwind when you’re in a non-spa? Do you have days like this or is it just me?

Also, how much does the tooth fairy pay for a tooth in your home?



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