Baby Shopping List

Baby Shopping?

I hate clutter. You probably do too. The trouble is I have a thing for notepads, post it notes, etc and have a tendency to  leave them all round too. The other day I was looking through a storage box and came across my baby shopping list. This list was made 4 years ago, right before Josh was born. I chuckled as I perused the list, I actually crossed out everything, which means I bought and know that I used everything. This was in stack contrast of when I shopped for baby number 1. That list was 2 or 3 pages long. I also bought everything on that list and despised any “experienced mum” that dared to tell me I did not need 4 towels for the baby. Or that my decision to purchase 20 sleep-suits and 24 vests all sizes 0 to 3 months was irrational.

Here’s a list of what I bought for Josh:, who was born in January:

2 x snowsuits

sleeping bags

6 x baby sleep-suits

12 x baby vests- 8 short sleeved and 4 long

4 sets of outfits, trousers and long sleeve tops

12 cotton bibs

1 packet of disposable bibs

6 burp cloths

4 receiving blankets- These are great for when you have visitors and you don’t want baby going straight into their arms.

2 shawls- bearing in mind that I’ll use the blankest as back-ups

3 baby blankets

2 swaddle wraps- sadly at the time I hadn’t heard about Aden+Anais,. Thankfully now we stock them!

3 packs of scratch mitts- babies sometimes come out with surprisingly long nails and you may even see the edidence of scratches on their face while in the womb!

Nail Scissors/clippers

4 Flannels

Baby Care

Boots all in one baby bath. I don’t know why, I’ve always loved their own brand for sensitive skin. It was the only one that worked with my second son who seemed to be allergic to anything that came close to him.

Baby lotion

Baby oil

Baby wipes

Cotton wool

Newborn nappies

Infacol- nothing beats colic than preparing for it. It may strike in the middle of the night when shops are closed. I have had success with Gripe water but infacol can be used from birth, while Gripe water is only from 1 month. As a side note I read recently that Gripe water used to contain alchohol, but not anylonger. That’ll explain why I took regular sips when I gave it to my first son, 12 years ago. There’s also the issue of sodium bicarbonate (used in Gripe water) interfering with baby’s absorption of folic acid and iron. I’ll be doing more research on this so for now I can’t exactly condemn it. However there are now organic and supposedly safer versions of this life-saving potion.

Brush and comb

Steam steriliser and baby bottles

Breast pump

Washable breast pads

Maternity bras

Baby bag with changing mat- took a lot of deliberating as there are so many cool ones! Years ago mums were relegated to  padded bags that screamed, “I’ve just had a baby!”  and “Yes! I had a boy!”. Now there are some uber chic baby changing bags like Lin & Leo, in which case I would have purchased the deliciously stylish luxury leather bag in Turquoise or Babymule, a practical bag which is great for mothers on the go.

Baby bath

Layette holder

Nappy Stacker

Baby bedding consisting of 3 cot sheets, Baby bumper, Cot Valance, reversible blanket)

My first choice baby bedding was this beautiful nursery bedding. Until I found out he was going to be boy number 4. So I went in a different direction and had my nursery bedding custom made. I went for a relaxed, baby boy look mixing shades of tan, duck-egg blue and white, with accents in chocolate brown. My choice had more to do with how I felt at that time, contented, relaxed, confident and happy.

So this was my list for Josh, less than half of what I bought while expecting Aaron. Confidence goes a long way as the shorter list was evidence that I could brave the great outdoors if needed, plus I trusted hubby to come back with nappies, when I sent him for nappies!

If I had to re-write my baby shopping list, I’ll still have these items on, but would add the Salome Nursery Glider in duck-egg blue trimmed in chocolate. Comfy!

Salome Rocking Glider

Salome Nursery Glider




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