How can one warm up a grey nursery? A couple of years ago, grey burst into the interior design world like a tsunami and we are still embracing this serene, elegant colour. But what do you do when having taken on all you can of that hue in all of its greyness, you are saddled with a room that’s anything but sunny? Here are some tips to warm up your grey nursery or child’s bedroom.

1) Add a warm and uplifting colour.

Yellow is the happiest colour. It evokes feelings of warmth and friendliness. You will be amazed at what a textured yellow blanket, a gingham lamp or playful motifs stuck on the wall can do to a grey nursery or bedroom. Too much yellow can cause anxiety so avoid using it in excess. It is important to pick the right shade as some can come across as acidic, you won’t be able to live with it for too long. Pink with grey is elegant, blue will be too cold so include a warm colour, coral or burnt orange also go nicely with grey.

2) Add textures to the grey nursery

Felt, wool, faux fur, lambswool are just some examples of textures that immediately transform your child’s bedroom into a cozy cocoon. Felt garlands are a fantastic decorative accessory and you can get them in balls, stars or hearts from The Baby Cot Shop, and in any colour combination too. Lambswool nursery rugs add that extra comfort to little (and adult!) feet.


Lambskin Rugs are great for tummy time as they are so comforting for babies Shop:


3) Add Oodles of Yummy Fabric.

Window Dressings pooling onto the floor creates an opulent space. It also adds comfort as the fabrics soften the look and feel of the room. Choose a large scale print for drama or embroidered sheers to give a delicate yet elegant feel to your child’s room. You can also add the softness of fabric by using a canopy. Shop Canopies

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