Here at The Baby Cot Shop, we take pride in presenting luxury baby and children’s furniture. Handcrafted using traditional techniques, high-quality materials and eco-friendly methods, our beautiful Brittany Handcrafted Cradle embodies what we do perfectly. As we explore more about the production of this luxury baby cradle, we are sure that you will too fall in love with it.


What makes our beloved Brittany Handcrafted Cradle so special?

  • It’s made from high-quality materials including walnut, basswood, steel, flax and natural silk

By using fine materials like these, this exquisite cradle adopts a traditional style. Its fine craftsmanship, individuality and timeless look will allow you to reuse the item for generations to come.


  • Its gentle rocking feature is perfect for soothing your baby

When it’s time to send your baby to sleep, just a tender rocking motion can be extremely relaxing for the both of you. Enjoy this special moment with your little one as you take a chance to unwind, too.



  • It’s supplied complete with the bedding, canopy and a fire-retardant mattress

Like our furniture, the bedding, linens and mattresses we provide are designed using the finest materials. Our fabrics are exceptionally soft and silky to ensure your newborn can enjoy a wonderful sleep every night.


Britanny 3

  • The decorative feature can be sculpted to your preference

The picture above features a ‘Mother’ sculpture. However, we can sculpt the decorative feature in any way you like to give your baby’s luxury cradle a unique and personal charm which will continue to be admired generation after generation.


This fine item is custom made to order, so please allow 12 to 14 weeks for completion. Shop this Luxury Baby Cradle online at or call The Baby Cot Shop on 020 371 7350 to order.


  • Dimensions (cm): L120 x H170 x W80
  • Organic fibre mattress included

Written by Sophie Pavlou

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