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A Daily Celebration of Colour 

Guess what I discovered recently? How to love & celebrate colour! Coming from a nursery interior designer I know it’s a bit obvious to declare one’s love for colour but give me a moment to explain.

I recently revisited the Four Temperaments Test after a friend referred to it during a Facebook live broadcast. She, like me, is Sanguine and linked her love of colour to her personality. I have never done that. I have never attributed my love for burgundy, mustard, navy and army green to my personality, until now. Sanguine means blood-red (usually colour of blood is red unless you’re an alien) and some of the personality traits include being the life and soul of the party, optimistic, charismatic and the list of awesome qualities just goes on. Of course, the less than perfect idiosyncrasies include compulsive talker, impulsive and err..shameless.

Image credit: Benjamin Moore

My darling husband, bless him, is phlegmatic and is quite the opposite. He has one single mood- calm; which makes him dependable, relatively quiet and borders on being an introvert. We tease him by saying all he needs is a pack of Nice biscuits and his laptop and he’ll be fine. He isn’t fussy at all and the easiest going person I know. And he loves monochrome.

We started off as best friends, then we fell in love and got married. He is my go-to person for my ‘how do I look in this?’ type questions. Jason’s default answer when colours are involved is “Too many colours.” His second answer when it’s just one colour is “Too bright.”

Consequently, for years my wardrobe looked more like a gathering of funeral outfits. I remember that red carpet event I wore a burgundy dress to. I felt torn. On the one hand, I was celebrating my favourite colour and on the other, I was sure people thought I looked like a red light bulb but I really love colour. I am drawn to bright pastels and rich hues. I feel great when I wear a dress that complements my skin tone and I enjoy trying out bold lipstick shades- it has just occurred to me I am yet to try a deep purple.

Image credit: MAC Cosmetics

On the subject of make-up, I’m not an aficionado. I have used the same MAC foundation for years but a new Bobbi Brown store opened recently at my local mall and I was feeling adventurous. I walked in with confidence thinking it would be as simple as getting them to match my colour and I’ll walk out with a dinky little bag. Wrong.

“What coverage do you want?”

“I use a studio finish…” I didn’t know if that was even a real term.

“Ok, do you want one that’s buildable?

“Build-able?” I repeated the last word slowly.

“Normal, dry oily?”

“Normal,” I replied confidently.

“Great! SPF 8 right?”

“Err… that would be nice..”

“I mean what number, an 8?”

At this point, I fessed up. I only know about lipstick and foundation. I don’t understand SPFs, numbers and finishes. I just want a simple foundation that covers my skin and makes me look good.

She smiled reassuringly. “That’s okay. So what coverage do you need?” She carried on as though she did not just acknowledge my ‘clueless about makeup’ comment.

“I don’t know what coverage… Full?” I did not want partial.

We settled on a stick, it resembled a giant lipstick and I felt proud of my effortless ascent up the glam ladder. She explained it was buildable because I could layer on as much or as little as I want. I equated it to using a single coat of Farrow & Ball or Dulux Once wall paint versus using an undercoat first and then two more coats.

“So how do I apply it?” I imagined drawing neat overlapping lines from top to bottom of my face.

“You use one of these.” She magically produced a furry brush. “Have you got one?”


“Fab! You can use it for your bronzer too.”

Bronzer… “I’ll take the brush and stick but leave the bronzer for another time.” A picture of an Egyptian goddess had formed in my mind.

The assistant recommended I book a class which I intend on doing. I will swallow my pride and book two classes back to back as I don’t think one will be enough. I am enjoying using the brush and stick every morning. In fact, I look forward to feeling that softness caress my face- right after I draw war-paint stripes on.

I have since updated my wardrobe and you can catch me most days at my baby furniture boutique clashing some serious colours together. Today I’ve got on a dress with green, fuchsia, yellow, orange and purple. Yes, I am making up for lost time.

What about you, what have you been up to? How do you celebrate colour?

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