Congratulations! If you’re reading this you most likely have a bun in the oven, or you’re planning towards it. What do you need in the nursery? Well, it depends. It depends on space and lifestyle. For example, will you have a live in nanny staying in the nursery? Will you have baby in their own room from the start or will they be in your room for the first few months?

One thing is clear. You’ll need somewhere for baby to sleep in, somewhere to change his nappy, somewhere to store essentials like nappies, wipes, lotions, etc, as well as clothing, books & toys. The walls will require decorating either with art, a wall mural or wall panels/stickers. The cot needs bed linen too. You’ll need a rug, window treatments, lighting (chandelier & nightlight)


Somewhere to sleep

The options are Moses Basket, Crib or Bassinet, Cot or Cot Bed. Now what’s the difference?

Moses Basket

Moses Baskets are woven from palm, wicker or willow. They sport a handle for carrying which is a feature on its own. You can easily transport the baby from room to room in a Moses Basket, that’s the main advantage. Parents choose a Moses Basket as the baby’s first bed for a number of reasons. For one, it is small and cosy, considering the space the baby is used to occupying. The baskets come with a firm mattress and are fully dressed and ready to use. When carrying the basket with the baby inside, be sure place one hand underneath for extra support. Moses Baskets come with an optional stand and some of the stands can rock from side to side. The use of a Moses Basket is relatively short as it is not to be used once baby can sit up unaided or push himself up on hands and knees. Maximum weight is 9kg, approximnate age, e months. Moses Baskets in many homes go on to make an attractive storage for cuddly toys and the like.


  • Crib, Bassinet or Cradle.



Perfect for placing next to your bed. These are larger than a Moses Basket and have the advantage of being used for longer, up to approximately 6 months. The Bassinets are made from wicker while cribs and cradles serve exactly the same purpose but have a wooden frame instead. Bassinets are secured to a stand, they are not to be removed from the stand during use however they come with lockable wheels and can be wheeled from room to room- on the same floor. Choose from a range of sumptuous fabrics, your bassinet arrives fully dressed with a firm mattress and linens. They come with either a hood or a drape. Bassinets have been around for many years and offer a nostalgic feeling especially our lace or satin designs. Coming soon are linen-dressed bassinets in a range of colours, watch this space!


  • Cot or Cot Bed

A cot is the main bed for the baby, main because it lasts for 2 years- 5 years if it converts to a toddler bed. Our cots are made entirely from solid hardwood to European safety standards and convert to toddler beds. Each cot comes with the convertible kit so there’s nothing more to add. Love colour? We offer a  range of lovely finishes from pastel pink to warm aubergine! The cot beds also have 2 or 3 levels for the mattress, a safety issue that ensures your baby doesn’t successfully climb out of the cot once he starts to pull himself up. Some of our designs like the Motif Cot Bed can be personalised with your child’s name and a hand painted motif of your choice. Others like TriBeCa come beautifully upholstered in a fabric or leather of your choice. A great feature for creating a coordinated, statement nursery as the fabric can be used on other pieces like the window coverings and upholstered nursing chair. Some cots come with a large drawer underneath to provide additional storage.

Bambini Furniture Set pic3

  • Mattress

Your options are foam, spring or organic and we offer all three. The organic mattresses have coconut coir and you have the option of spring with coconut coir.


Changing Baby & Storage

  • Changing Unit

A changing unit comes in 2 forms. As a chest of drawers with a changing tray affixed to the top or as an open unit with a changing area on the top. Our changing units are made to last beyond the nursery so they come with a removable tray. The design is incorporated into the chest as well as the tray so it doesn’t look incomplete once the tray has been removed. The deep drawers give ample storage and feature soft closing to prevent trapped fingers. We supply all changing units and wardrobes with anti-tilt brackets for safety.

Great Idea: Our Changing units come with a free anti-roll changing mat so you have all you need!

  • Wall Shelf

Blu Wall Shelf

A wall shelf above the changing unit is a good idea for storage and for hanging items too.

Great idea: Place a memorable item like your favourite childhood book, or toy on the shelf.


  • Wardrobe

A coordinating wardrobe completes the storage requirements of your nursery. Flexible storage options are available from shelving to hanging rails.

Great idea: Choose to have a second rail halfway down the wardrobe as babies’ clothes are small and don’t need a full hanging height.


Somewhere to Feed Comfortably


We have to recommend our bestselling nursing chair, the Salome Glider Chair. Billed by several mums and mums to be as ‘the most comfortable nursing chair, ever’, The Salome chair gives a soothing, gentle rocking motion that will make feeding times comfortable and enjoyable. The cushions are filled with a feather blend which offer great support and resiliency. It not only rocks/glides, it swivels too. This feature stops you from straining your back as you reach to pick or put items away. Salome Breastfeeding Chair is available in a range of fabrics, and you can bring in your own as well. This feature means your entire nursery will be original and made and to a high standard. The Salome is the roomiest of our gliders so make sure you measure your space to ensure you have enough space for it. The footstools can be purchased in addition as either a storage or a gliding footstool. Other designs include Elias and Wing Back Nursery Glider Chair, with a new classic design being released very soon.

Great idea: Place a bedside table or stool next to the chair to place essential items before feeding begins.

Soft furnishings

Our workroom is staffed by talented folks who can take a piece of fabric and turn it into something extraordinary. Contact us for bespoke nursery window dressings and baby bed linens.

Great idea: Choose linens that coordinate with the rest of your nursery. Bring in a fabric sample or decorative item that you love and we will create your furnishings around it.


Nursery Room Decor


Nearly there, but we can’t forget the finishing touch of nursery decor. Art, lighting and rugs offer dual functionality; they do what they are created for and make the space beautiful too. Choose wool or cotton rugs if you prefer natural fibres. These are soft underfoot too. Rugs from Man-made fibres are less expensive and come in a range of patterns and colours. Did you know we offered a bespoke rug service too?

Great idea: Choose personalized art for that extra special touch

Nursery Lighting

We believe every girl’s room or nursery needs a pretty chandelier. Choose from flowers & Crystals or Ella Chandelier, our top selling nursery Chandeliers.

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