As a mum, I have often caught my mind running amok with thoughts of its own choosing. From Brexit to the polarizing US elections and the slew of untimely deaths towards the end of last year, I have wondered about the world my children are growing up in. As I look back at my childhood this world looks very different from mine and not in a comforting manner. Yet in a strange sort of way, it would appear events from the start of the year wove themselves into lessons and tools that would help me navigate my way out of the doldrums that 2016 threatened to pull me into.



I love to observe and search out deeper meanings from scenarios and so learned quite a few lessons this year. One of the most powerful has been around the subject of creativity. I learned that we all have the ability to be creative, it is not reserved for only artists and designers. Utilizing your creativity in overcoming obstacles is all about looking at a challenge or situation from various angles, as though looking through a prism. Doing so gives you the opportunity to come up with different possible solutions.

As things go, this life-affirming trait can be stifled by our behaviour and I came up with a list of deterrents. For example, seeking the approval of others before you share your idea can cause you to shape your craft to the tune of other people’s opinions. Fear also holds back our creativity as we wonder if our gift will be accepted and celebrated or ignored or worse, mocked. A cluttered mind is another hindrance. The product created in a cluttered comes out embellished with bits that are irrelevant like yesterday’s news, a viral post, other people’s gripes. Judging myself harshly also made it to the list of deterrents to my creative side. Berating myself when I goof does not erase the mistake I made or make the other person feel better. Instead it hurts me.


Resilience is not merely the ability to get up when you fall, rather it is getting up quickly and standing taller than you did before the fall. So far I understand that resilience is a decision. You don’t just happen to be resilient. You decide ahead of time to be resilient if and when you fall. As I learn, I teach my boys.

I cannot create a world that is free from pain but I can teach them what to do when a challenge shows up. I can teach them how to use their God-given gifts and strengths to creatively navigate obstacles on their journey. These two lessons, amongst others have been key in helping me guide my children in this beautiful but uncertain world.

I look with optimism through 2017. I am thrilled about the opening of the new shop, I am thankful for the people I have in my life who have journeyed with me this far, I am thankful for my beautiful and loving family- I count it a privilege to be called mum and wife, and I am thankful for you; you make this worthwhile.

The state of the world has left me with this conclusion; we can’t control much outside our immediate sphere. So whatever we do, we should not only do well, but enjoy it to the fullest.

I wish you and your household a happy, healthy and prosperous 2017.

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