img_1572.jpgIt was one of those days. We were having the house decorated and painter was chatty and made quite a bit of noise sanding down surfaces, moving paint buckets and furniture around, meanwhile there I was irritated and bending low under the weight of a self-imposed deadline. I couldn’t concentrate. I didn’t even want to concentrate. Motivation, did not feature within a 5 mile radius of my space. My mind was pulled in many different directions, I wanted to be in my office but couldn’t leave the house as I was expecting a delivery. After struggling for an hour I did something new which led me to an amazing truth- I warn you, it may sound whacky.

Here’s what I did:
I determined that my morning was being controlled by this invisible being, a mood called distraction. This being did not want me to work and was in charge, it was calling the shots. I decided to take back that power. I stopped all work, went to make a delicious hot breakfast, put on my favourite sitcom, Fraser, and watched a hilarious episode while I savoured sauteed mushrooms, scrambled eggs and smoked salmon on toast. Now that may seem counter productive considering my deadline, what I was doing was telling that being I was back in charge, I was going to make the decisions going forward. It was my choice, not her’s that I would eat and watch a sitcom for an hour. It was also my choice to stop after an hour and start working on my project.

In someways that decision placed a demarcation between not being able to work and being able to. It drew the line so that the distraction would not be dragged into my work space- It worked.

I concluded that there are times we must permit ourselves to stop, refuel and begin again. Refuelling is often attributed to food and rest, but we do need to refuel our motivation tanks.

What crazy tricks have you used to get you motivated?

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