You can probably tell that I struggled with a title for this post. That happens to be the residue of the block I’ve been battling with. As you may know, writing is one of my favourite activities. I love to play with words and craft sentences to form a true picture. Unfortunately, the tail end of 2015 whipped away my ability to write anything worth sharing. I suffered from an extended case of writer’s block- at least, that’s what I insist on calling it. There was so much I wanted to share from last year that I didn’t due to various factors, for example these are exciting times at The Baby Cot Shop and a lot of my time have been diverted to a large project we’ve been working on- announcement soon I promise!

Toks at Downing Street

I met the Prime Minister for the first time last year. That was one of my highlights. The invitation to a reception at No. 10 Downing Street arrived by email and I stared at it for a long minute. I confess that I was nervous for a number of reasons. For example, I RSVPd twice because I was certain the first reply did not go through. Then I worried that the second email somehow cancelled out the first. Then I worried that my knowledge about politics wasn’t enough and I won’t have much to converse about. Then I worried that in my clumsiness I will spill my plate of canapes on the Prime Minister’s expensive shoes, and as I bend down to clear it up I’ll manage to drench his socks with my wine.

Well, I’m pleased to say none of that happened. It was a glorious, relaxing evening and I found Dave Cameron to be warm and very personable. It was a treat to have been in the company of people I have always admired.

brusselsOn the mummy front, my boys are at that age where we hold real grown up conversations the way you do with a close friend. They keep me young as they bring me up to speed with the way their generation thinks. I am thankful for our relationship. I have always had a great one with my parents and while they didn’t raise us as friends, they have always been approachable. Hearing my children’s opinion on the state of the world with regards to the terror threats and attacks is both sad and heartwarming. Sad that they have to grow up in a world that’s been struck by an illness of hatred and intolerance, yet heartwarming that they still see the universe as beautiful and they believe in the basic goodness of man.

One of my practices is having a gratitude attitude. Without it, we risk living in a state of fear and cynicism. We must guard our hearts from becoming calcified while keeping it vulnerable enough to grieve with the families affected by the attacks. Perhaps it is this need to claw my children into the relatively safe childhood I had that has led me to introduce them to 80s & 90s music. And they are loving it! I teach them that the only thing permanent in the world is change, so they must remain in a state of gratitude for wherever they happen to be in life, it will change.

KonMariAnother practice I introduced this year is surrounding myself only with beauty. It all started when I adopted the KonMari method of tidying up, by Marie Kondo. You may have heard of the Japanese sensation. In a nutshell, throw out anything that does not spark joy in you. This method helps you to live in a permanently decluttered state. It lent itself to my mind and that was when I faced up to the ugly truth that for 3 months I hadn’t written anything on my blogs or for magazines despite being a writer. I made the decision to throw out anything I didn’t enjoy doing and that helped me become unblocked. Needless to say, the prectice of decluttering your space will extend to decluttering your mind, and as we are officially in spring, what better time to start than right now? The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up can be ordered on

Tell me, what has been going on with you?


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