If you are trying to come up with some non-pink nursery ideas for your baby girl then fret not. There are many non-traditional nursery ideas available that say no to pink and still manage to result in a space that is luxurious and elegant enough for a little girl. Pink is no longer the only option; those days are long gone. In fact, some designers have even experimented with the notion of a blue nursery for girls and the results are all stunning. The key is in the shade of blue you choose. Whether you opt to be brave with blue or try some other take on non-traditional, believe us when we say we have some ideas that will definitely get you thinking. If you’re ready to embrace a different kind of stylish girl nursery design, read on.

Try White with Neutral Accents

Non Pink Nursery Ideas

Credit: Casa Forma, London

Taupe is an elegant option for a stylish girl nursery that does not involve the use of pink. This design is a prime example of the power of a neutral design to announce elegance and softness. Beige tones on the walls add some contrast to the white furniture while the cot seems to serve as the focal point in the room, echoing the colour scheme. Luxurious coordinating soft furnishings in a range of different textures create a cozy feeling. The brass accents dotted around the room enhance the room’s elegance.

Go Grey with some YellowYellow and Grey Nursery Ideas

Photo credit: Alykhan Velji Design – Calgary, AB

There’s a softness to yellow that makes it a great alternative to pink if you’re trying to find non-traditional girl nursery ideas for your baby girl. This room uses the palette well. It is soft and delicate, pairing yellow with a soft e While gray is the dominant hue – used on the walls and the tufted rocking chair, the use of yellow on the floor (the yellow and white striped rug) and in the matching floral bedding and curtains brightens the space and makes it more youthful.

 Ponder Purple

Contemporary Purple & Grey NurseryPhoto credit: Beth Furgurson Photography

Purple is a great choice for a non-pink nursery. The colour is still somewhat feminine and is often considered girly but not with the obviousness of pink. This design uses a grown-up geometry print on the walls and the floor, which makes it ultra modern. Just the right amount of aqua and purple give this otherwise simple nursery the wow factor. The trend setting lamp and mirror gives the nursery a retro edge which makes it an ideal design for any style home. The overall look is prevented from looking fussy with stylish white nursery furniture.


Be Brave with Blue

Blue Nursery for GirlsPhoto credit: Turbo Beds – Miami Gardens, FL

Forget what you’ve been told. Blue is not just for boys. The colour can be used quite effectively in a space designed for a little girl. Choose a more feminine version of the colour and use a shade close to turquoise or aquamarine. In this design, the blue is used in a pattern on only one wall which is the focus of the room. The furniture is all white with elegant curves and lots of storage. Against the white and neutral tones throughout the room, the blue patterned wall is strong without being obtrusive.


Add Colour with Bold Printed Curtains

Non-pink Nursery Ideas for girls


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