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Declutter and Organise your Children’s Bedroom

You may have been putting this dreaded task off for some weeks, wincing each time you walk past your son/daughters bedroom door.  With Birthdays and Christmases, they have accumulate so much ‘stuff’ that their room has literally shrunk in size having been taken over by toys and books. Sound familiar?

The answer? It’s time to declutter and organise your child’s bedroom and The Baby Cot Shop are going to help you tackle this mammoth task with our expert tips!

Romy clothing rack 012

  • Start by sorting through the toys your child wants and doesn’t want, most charity shops welcome donations in good condition. The more regularly you can do this then the better as children outgrow them quickly. Also rotate toys, packing away half and switching them around on a weekly or even bi-weekly basis, so it takes them twice as long to get bored of them.
  • Organised storage is the key to a clutter-free child’s room. Categorise toys and assign storage per group for example lego and building block can be stored in stylish fabric covered wicker baskets, while dress up items can be stored in plastic boxes with labels so you know what is where.
  • Where floor space is tight, make use of vertical space by using storage solutions such as wall shelves or pegs which you can hang drawstring bags from. Wall organisers are also a fantastic way of storing smaller items such as hair bands & bows or toy cars.
Blu Shelf

Blue Wall Shelf



  • Cabin beds offer excellent storage solutions as a fun bed- who doesn’t like to climb?- whilst providing a sizeable abount of underbed storage without taking up any floor space. However if your cabin bed doesn’t have built-in drawers/cupboards or shelves you purchase some under bed storage boxes on wheels.

annette frank storage bed

  • If there is room, create a reading nook for them with wall-mounted book storage, a bean bag or similar seating and good lighting.
Herz Hochbettausstattung

Hand Painted High-Sleeper Bed


Low Shelf Unit

Low Shelf Unit

  • Display and store their artwork at the same time using Dignitet, a curtain wire that allows you to display and clip multiple pieces of paper at one time. Creating decor whilst being organised at the same time, now we like the sound of that!
  • A desk not only creates a focal space to help children concentrate on studies but if you choose the right desk it can double up as another great storage solution too. Many desks come with multiple drawers and shelving spaces allowing you to store books and other necessary items.
Tess Desk

Tess Desk

Sam desk 022 pic1

  • Make the most out of their wardrobe space, you can use multiple storage dividers/organisers that hang over the door to give extra storage space for items such as shoes and accessories like gloves and hats. Or you could use pretty storage boxes that fit inside the wardrobe to organise accessory items.

Demi wardrobe 005-A pic5


We hope you have found our decluttering tips useful and that it has given you lots of ideas of how you could tackle your little ones room! The best place to start is by sorting through all their toys, clothes and books be ruthless and anything you know they haven’t work/played with in the last 6 months it is time to go! Once you are then left with the items you want still then you can start to organise them.

If you need any further assitance with your children’s bedroom design drop as an email design@thebabycotshop.com and we will be only to happy to help.

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