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Why Go Organic? With Naturalmat

Today we are delighted to be speaking with Peter Tindall, one of the directors & co-founders of Devon based company Naturalmat, manufacturers of organic mattresses for baby and children. Loved by a growing number of A-list celebrities that include Halle Berry and Gwyneth Paltrow, who both champion Naturalmat and their products. Over to Peter to tell us more about Naturalmat and the importance of going organic as your mattress choice  for your baby…

Please tell us a bit more about Naturalmat.

Naturalmat we create  handmade natural fibre mattresses. Our mattresses are breathable and self-ventilating, which stop children from overheating  during the night.  Children’s mattresses make up a  large portion of our product range  and we use natural  materials in our  mattresses like organic lambswool sourced from Soil Association local farms. 

The Natural Mat Co. Topsham

What led you to launch Naturalmat?

Naturalmat was founded in 2000. Being a keen sailor, both myself & fellow director Mark Tremlett noticed  that mattresses onboard yachts were often  made of  poor quality synthetic foam. Mattresses made  from  synthetic materials tend to absorb heat and are  poorly ventilated. This can often result in overheating  and a disturbed night’s sleep. The use of natural and  breathable materials  helped to dissipate moisture  away from the body and  prevented overheating. We  noticed that this type of mattress wasn’t available  within the marine market and a Naturalmat organic  mattress is exactly what was needed. When Mark’s first child was due he started looking at the quality of mattresses sold within nursery market. Both Mark and myself quickly identified a need for a natural offering for babies similar to the one they were already making for boats. After nine months of research and development, Naturalmat were proud to launch the first range of natural baby mattresses.

We see that there are a number of different names of your mattresses, what are the different styles available?

Our mattresses offer long lasting support for babies and children. We sell three main types of children’s mattresses, the Coco Mat, the Latex Mat and the Mohair Mat. Key differences between the three mattresses are: 

The Coco Mat is our original cot mattress and is the perfect choice for newborns and smaller babies, offering gentle support and impressive ventilation and insulation. The Coco Mat consists of core of organic coir wrapped in organic British lambswool and has a 100% natural cotton inner and outer covers.  


Coco Mat

The Latex Mat is great mattress choice for newborns and older babies offering medium support and excellent ventilation. Organic coir surrounds the natural latex to give the mattress extra spring. We then add layers of our organic wool which is breathable and naturally fire retardant. As you would expect, this mattress also has100% natural cotton inner and outer mattress covers, the outer one is both removable and machine washable.



The Mohair Mat is our most supportive crib mattress which is great for older and heavier babies but still offers excellent ventilation and insulation. This mattress has a machine washable 100% natural cotton mattress cover. We make this mattress with horsehair tail, which forms the core of the Mohair Mat and is sandwiched between layers of organic coir for extra support. Silky mohair fleece wraps around the outside of the coir acting as a luxurious thermal insulator.  


Mohair Mat

Obviously safety in the nursery is extremely important, could you tell us how Natural Mat adheres to safety standards? 

Our mattresses comply with all safety standards (BS7177, BS 1877 Part 10, BS 71-3 & BS 5852) and our mattresses pass all fire tests without the use of any chemicals or fire retardant sprays.

What are the health benefits of an organic mattress vs. a standard?

Some mattresses are made from plastics. It is important to remember that newborn babies are unable to regulate their own temperature. They tend to overheat, perspire and then wake as their temperature drops drastically, resulting in a broken night’s sleep. We believe the natural and breathable fibres within our mattresses help to regulate temperature. We use a natural treatment of essential oils rendering our mattresses anti-dust mite and the outer cover our children’s mattress ranges are removable and machine washable. The Latex Mat is our safest mattress, as bacteria are unable to live within it. We do not use any chemicals within our children’s mattresses to make them fire retardant. They are naturally fire retardant due to our fantastic organic lambswool and pass all fire regulations.

While we have the standard cot sizes of 120 x 60 and 140 x 70, do you cater for cots of other shapes and sizes, like Stokke or Boori? 

We have a made to measure mattress service available and we can easily make mattress for Stokke or Boori cots and any other size for that matter.

Do you also supply mattresses for cribs & Moses baskets or is it just cots?

We certainly make mattresses for cribs and Moses baskets. Our Coco Mat is the ideal natural mattress for a crib or Moses Baskets.

A client recently asked us about the manufacturing processes, can you tell us more about the process involved in making a Natural Mat mattress?

All our mattresses are handmade at our factory in Devon,  our Coco Mat, for example is made by wrapping organic coir in organic lambswool, before sealing it in two cotton covers. This clever combination offers gentle support for a newborn baby, snug warmth in winter and that all-important breathability in the summer. 

What would be your top tip to first-time parents looking to buy a mattress for their baby’s cot? 

I’d recommend that parents invest in a waterproof mattress protector when buying a cot mattress and use an organic cotton sheet on top. This combination should absorb any sick, drool, moisture etc. If the mattress is ever soiled you can then remove these items and machine wash then, which as many new parents know can be invaluable!       

What are Natural Mat’s plans for the business in 2015 and beyond?

We’ve recently caught the attention of many major hoteliers and have been selected to manufacture mattresses for hotels including Z Hotels, the Beaumont and the Hoxton Holborn. Enquiries look even more promising in 2015. You won’t have to wait long to find out what happens in the next exciting chapter of the Naturalmat story.

Thank you so much to Peter for chatting with us, great plan ahead!

Thinking of buying an organic baby mattress? The Baby Cot Shop sell the full range of Naturalmat Baby & Children’s organic mattressed.

We hope this has answered any questions you might have had. You can shop for an organic mattress at The Baby Cot Shop, where we’re offering 15% off all Naturalmat mattresses when purchased with a cot.

Call us to order on 0203 371 7530



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