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Which Green Are you? Green Room Ideas

Sadly, it has become public knowledge that my meeting venues are dictated by my love for macaroons. Specifically Laduree. Specifically their Covent Garden location. So it is with little shame I’ll confess that my inspiration for this post came from Laduree, Covent Garden London, while sitting upstairs in their red antique French chair & drinking latte from their delicate pastel teacup. My seat overlooked the sitting area with the canopy-which is where l’ll be sitting next time. That spot. In my defence there are few things in life that delight and tickle the senses of sight and taste in equal measure, yet you are left deliberating with yourself which, if any leaves a slightly stronger impression.

Pistacio Macaron hmmm!!!

Pistachio. hmmm!!!

But since this post isn’t about Laduree’s macaroons, I won’t go on to say how many I ate, and what flavour it was, or that each time I savoured a piece of this pastel-coloured delight I became amazed all over again at just how finely chopped those almonds were; I will however say that this indulgence was carried out with my new partner in crime- the beautifully talented Medina from MK Kids Interiors 🙂

No prizes for guessing, this month we are loving green!!!!

Isn’t it interesting how colour affects our mood? What’s more fascinating is how you can use different shades of one colour to create a different ambience.

Green has that calming, relaxing effect since It is the colour of nature. It comes in various shades and tints- from dark hunter green associated with old libraries and bottles, to light, vibrant green associated with celery and baby shoots.

Spring Green Nursery

Spring Green Nursery

Be mindful when using dark green as it can easily come across as too grown up if not used properly, like against dark brown furniture. However you can lighten it up with accessories in yellow or white.
Celery green on the other hand can do no wrong. It is afterall the colour of nature, the outdoors, springtime! Green is associated with rebirth or new life. Think about the light shades of green of new plants, which gradually turn dark as they age.

Are you uncertain about which shade you prefer?

Your preferred shade of green is much closer than you think. Look around, could it be that dress hanging in your wardrobe? Maybe a favourite bag or other accessory. It might even be a memento that you hold dear to your heart or who knows, even a macaroon. Choose a shade that actually calms or refreshes you so try out a few to see the effect each one has; don’t just go for what jumps out at you.

Green and Blue Room Ideas

Green and Blue Room Ideas

For smaller rooms, go as light as you can for the walls, choosing your accessories or accents in the preferred green. White adds even more freshness while yellow adds playfulness. Pink as well as blue go nicely with green, actually almost any colour does because of it’s abundance in nature.

Pink and green Room Ideas

Pink and Green Room Ideas

If you’re still unsure as to your preferred shade of green, give us a call. We’ll discuss this in person. You know where.



Laduree, delights for sight and taste






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