What do you do when you are pregnant and can’t wear your favourite pair of designer high heels? You design a nursery with them of course!

Interior design is all about designing your space to your taste and lifestyle and there is no better place to draw inspiration from than you.

Purple Reign Nursery

Purple Reign Nursery

Our Cinderella cot in gold is available in any finish, so we are able to match the cot to the chandelier which is finished in antique bronze. The chandelier is available with shades but we think it’s prettier without them. When using bold or reflective colours in design, less is more is the rule of the thumb to prevent overkill.
Fabric for bedding is silk damask in gold and ivory on the outside, the inside of the made to order cot bedding is 100% cotton (i.e inside bumper and fitted cot sheet). It is fun to play around with textures and fabrics, but bear in mind that any part that comes into contact with baby’s skin should be of the softest natural material. Cotton wins every time. The bedding fabrics are also used in drapery as well as in the canopy.
The crown (coming soon to our stores) is custom made in ivory with baby’s initial on the front, the canopy is a two-tone gold/lilac tulle. Canopies can be draped over the top end of the cot, along one side or used to map out a cosy corner in the nursery- for example your nursing chair can be draped by a canopy.

Our wall murals are custom made in any theme, a castle theme is used in this mural. Awkward corners and alcoves are welcome in mural painting as our artist uses them to add depth and interest as in the example of our sailboat mural here. Other walls will have elements of the scenery for example brick walls at the bottom, clouds or a few leaves blowing about.
The chandelier is also in gold, it isn’t custom made so the cot is made to match it.

The Artwork is custom made. Nursery gliders are available in different sizes and backrest heights to accommodate your frame. Our nursery gliders are all custom made to order in your choice of fabric. This chair was made from natural tan and piped in a contrast white trim. We did consider lilac but it was ‘too much’. An alternative was to have piped the glider in green.
We also offer custom made rugs, but they do take at least 4 months to make so let’s get cracking!

All products are available to buy from our online boutique, www.punkinpatch.co.uk.


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