Diamante studded nursery.

Diamond Studded Nursery or Designer Nursery?

Bling isn’t something we’d normally associate with a baby’s nursery or a child’s bedroom, but we live in changing times.

Jewellery was first used in Greece around 1600BC, although it was used in Africa before then. In Greece,  it was hardly worn and was mostly used for public appearances or on special occasions. It was frequently given as a gift and was predominantly worn by women to show their wealth, social status, and beauty.

That principle of bejewelling can now be applied to your child’s nursery or bedroom. In the same way that there are no limits to imagination, a designer baby nursery has no limits.

Your baby’s nursery can be designed around something that’s close to your heart, from diamonds to a favourite childhood memory.

Our inspiration comes from The Cambridge Lovers Knot Tiara which was worn by Princess Diana.

Start with plain walls, this will avoid overkill as things are about to get busy sparkling! A soft pastel in blue, pink or lilac will work well. Cream walls will work too but for a truly sparkling effect go for stark white walls. We love Exceedingly Kipling Pink Emulsion by Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen and Pima White Emulsionby Kelly Hoppen, both available from Graham & Brown. Make sure the paint you purchase is low in VOC and is marked low odour

This bejewelled wall border was made entirely by hand, part of our custom design services. An alternative would be to have an artist draw a picture on the wall right above the cot, such as a stork, teddy bear,  or baby’s initials, and then outline it with diamante (or diamonds!) to form the picture. Needless to say the jewels should be affixed securely, preferably by an interior designer as different wall surfaces will need different adhesives.

Next add a diamante decorated luxury cot baby bedding. You can also do this with plain bedding, I’ll suggest pure white percale baby linens.
Our bling accessory comes in the form of a crystal chandelier. Available in different styles and colours, we chose the Ella chandelier for its simplicity and elegance. Nursery accessories like canvas art decorated with diamante is also available from high street retailers, but we chose a beautiful, personalized name art from Nannolica.*

Finally, the finishing touch. Create a focal point using a crown and canopy over the cot, or against a focal wall which can serve as the feeding or ‘cooing’ area. Another alternative is to add a piece of stunning furniture like Terence the Luxury Iron Crib which is hand decorated with swarovski crystals and dressed in silk and tulle.


Questions?  Just ask.

*Nannolica Kids offers beautiful illustrations personalised with your child’s name, birthday or christening details, or even a special message, stop by thier website at www.nannolica-kids.co.uk.

All other pieces are available from our baby boutique

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