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Question Time: Children’s Storage

What are the two overall most important tips when it comes to avoiding clutter in a child’s bedroom, and why?


The first most important point is storage.  Place for everything and everything in its place is an adage that holds true. Suitable storage for various items range from the obvious wardrobe, bookshelf and coat hangers, to memo boards for all-important notes and cards, along with hair bow holders for little girls. Storage needs to be ample but not space-consuming, practical, easy to reach and safe. For a child’s bedroom I’ll recommend brightly painted or personalised toy boxes as that encourages children to tidy up.

Bella Rose Message Board

Bella Rose Message Board

The second consideration is leading by example. Children will copy what they see and if the adults in the home are leaving stuff lying around, so will the child. Having storage in other parts of the home is important for teaching children how it is done. Also you can by example teach your children that giving starts the receiving process. Donate unused or unworn items to prevent things piling up while also teaching your child the selfless act of giving.



What are two tips for sorting toys in a child’s (toddler age) bedroom?


Sort by colour families to teach them colours

Sleepyhead Bunny

Toys can be sorted by family e.g. colour. That is a practical way to teach your child colours while teaching them to be tidy. They can also be sorted by type; dress-up clothes go on the clothes’ rack or in the wardrobe, Lego blocks all go in the Lego box, books on the book shelf, etc.

Toys can also be sorted according to favourites. This method makes it easier for toddlers to reach their favourite teddy. The less-often used toys can go to the bottom of the pile while the most loved stay at the top.


What colours do you feel work best in a child’s room, if the parents are trying to create a “cosy” effect?

Warm colours always create a warm, cosy effect. Reds, browns, yellows, the colours of fire.  Think autumnal colours which are synonymous with hibernation. Red can be toned down to burgundy, orange toned to burnt orange etc. to stop the room looking too bright and garish as you don’t want your child over-stimulated especially when it is bedtime. For parents who don’t want to have colour on the walls, room accessories like furnishings can be used in warm colours. This is also preferred if the room in question is quite small, as warm colours draw the walls in, conversely colour on the walls are great for large bedrooms. Remember to select non-toxic or child friendly paints.

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A Girls Dream Come true

There’s a reason we love our girls’ fantasy mid sleeper beds. The bed itself comes in 12 different finishes like candy floss pink and minty blue to name just a couple. It is crafted from quality woods and veneers by artisans backed with years of experience. Besides the actual bed, you can purchase bookshelves, wardrobes,

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Inspiration From…Burberry!

      If I had  a little girl, I would dress her in this pretty faded nova check outfit from Burberry. I would accessorize with white Mary Jane shoes and a white hair bow. Her tights would be hand-knitted in red with a herringbone pattern. Yep. The faded Nova pumps shown here are from our friends

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