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No one told me this BEFORE I started a family!

Congrats to Jen and Ben on expecting child number 3!

Do you think it gets harder or easier with each child?

When I was expecting my first I was SO prepared and eager to hold him in my arms.  At least that’s what I thought until he came out and I became overwhelmed that I was responsible for another human life! I’m thinking life is fragile enough without you adding another’s to yours right?

Fast forward 7 months and became pregnant with number 2. I couldn’t understand why hubby was so happy as though it was our first child! This time I was in no hurry for the baby to be born. I never quite got to that fed-up stage in the last few weeks when you feel you can’t wait any longer. The reason for this was two fold. First I wanted A.M to have me to himself for as long as possible. Second, I was scared and tired. Tired because I was still carng for an infant and had just started to get back into a similitude of  life as it should be. I was also  scared because I had no idea how I would “cope”. Coping became a scary word for me because it was a euphemism friends used when really they wanted to say; “Now that you’ve got yourself in a rot with two very young children, I’d like to see you get out of it” “Cope” was usually accompanied with a worrying look. I had visions of us going into Sainsburys and making a real spectacle of myself as I battled 2 young children, both crying, one pulling down all the brocolli from the vegetable trough and the other flinging his bottle down aisle 6. I was perpetually tired and could not imagine looking after two babies in that state. We were still doting over A.M when R.L was born. It wasn’t long though before I knew I wouldn’t have it any other way; the two boys grew so close they might as well have been twins.

Child number 3 came when A.M was 3 and  R.L was 2. This time while pregnant I couldn’t wait for the baby to be born. I was eager to see him and see our family complete, I was also very, very tired all the time and knew that once baby was born I’ll get my energy levels back to were they needed to be- at cryptonite levels. This time was different. I wasn’t scared or worried, just happy. The confidence that came with each child culminated when Z.L was born. I would leave him in his cot and go have a shower without worrying “something would happen to him”. I must remember to share with you about how I took 6 soiled nappies with me to the hospital when A.M had a runny tummy. Yep, I did some crazy things, that poor consultant!

So to my preggo readers, (and to Jennifer) I sincerely hope you’ll enjoy every moment of your pregnancy and your beautiful family will be indeed blessed when baby arrives!

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