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Moses Basket Giveaway

To celebrate our custom bedding programme we are giving away a Moses Basket with every bespoke cot bedding set ordered. Your Moses Basket will coordinate with your cot bedding, made in the same sumptuous fabrics.

Natural baby bedding & Moses Basket

Natural baby bedding & Moses Basket

Moses Baskets form a first bed for your baby, and can be carried from room to room.  Moses Baskets can be made from palm or wicker, some come with a hood and some without. The best Moses Baskets are softly padded on the inside with a mini bumper.

A Moses Basket is sometimes referred to as a bassinet, which in reality is larger. Moses Basket stands are also available.

Although they can be used to transport baby between rooms, for safety, always place your hand under the basket when carrying it with the handles.

“A baby bedding set may consist of 2 or more pieces, i.e a bumper and quilt, bumper and sheet, etc.

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The BIG BED Sale is on!!!

Daybed [dey-bed] -noun: a couch that can be used as a sofa by day and a bed by night No this is not a lesson on furniture types. Our big bed sale is 15% off all beds. Day beds, low beds, girls beds, boys beds, mid-sleepers, bunkbeds, four poster beds. You get the picture. Interested in a-sale-a-week? Sign-up to receive our newsletters. Questions? Call or email us. P

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