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How do I Decorate my Daughter’s Bedroom?

Welcome back to The Baby Cot Shop where we bring you the very best in interior design, luxury furniture and the finest furnishings for children and baby. In today’s entry we examine how to decorate your daughter’s bedroom and offer our expert advice on creating a wonderful theme and style that will become a haven of work, rest and play for your little princess.

It is no surprise that children spend a lot of time in their bedrooms. From sleeping to playing, their bedrooms reflect not only their interests and little personalities but are a space for creativity and rest. It is important to strike a balance between these two ideas that at first may seem contradictory. Specialising in luxury children’s furniture, we often work closely with our clients to help bring together their ideas on how to use their child’s bedroom space for a multipurpose room for work, rest and play. Designing for daughters, we were once little girls! Is something that we particularly enjoy.


Use of Space

One of the first concepts to consider is the purpose of the room. Will your daughter’s bedroom just be a bedroom or will it also function as an area for study or play? By understanding how the space will be utilised you can start to map out not only what is required in the room but also how the space will be used. It is important to create harmony in the bedroom. A place for rest should, ultimately, be peaceful and tranquil with an airy and light feel.


Tess Girls Bedroom Collection


Modern or Traditional

Now, what kind of overarching theme do you want to create in your child’s bedroom? Theme refers to the overall style and aesthetics of the room. Modern, contemporary design often use more minimalist designs; they are sleek, with straight lines and can be cleaner. Traditional can be more ornate. Intricate detailing, curves, highly textured fabrics and furniture and elaborate design. One thing to bear in mind is how the room will be used as your child grows. It may be easier to transform a more contemporary design than a traditional one. Of course, why not combine the two? A modern design with a few simple touches of traditional furnishings can produce a wonderful effect.


Colour schemes

This year will see the development of more neutral, softer colours palettes and creams, beiges, greys and pastel colours will continue to grow in popularity. When choosing a colour scheme do you go for the more traditional pink for girls? Or do you want a more neutral tone that can even be offset by pink and cream details. Remember, hand painted motifs on furniture, lamps and other furnishings can further help you to coordinate your daughter’s bedroom. Think subtle greys, soft pinks and white furniture accentuated by brighter pink touches.  Why don’t you make an appointment for a complimentary room design consultation in our store?





Of course, no room is complete without our designer furniture for children! Do you choose a complete set or do you buy individual items to bring your vision together? It can be easier to purchase a child’s furniture set rather than individual pieces and don’t forget to ensure that the colours and detailing fit in with the scheme of your child’s bedroom. However, buying individual items can also allow a further degree of control over the items in your daughter’s bedroom. Don’t feel the need to cram in all the pieces of a particular furniture range; you can mix and match if your taste leans towards eclectic.



The Baby Cot Shop proudly works with the most talented craftsmen to create beautiful, safe furniture pieces for your child; this means you can have furniture that fits into the unique design of your home, yet is durable and beautiful. Visit our showroom at 408 Kings Road, Chelsea London.

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