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Seven Must Haves For a Stylish Nursery

What makes a stylish nursery? Kitting out your baby’s nursery evokes nearly equal doses of extreme joy and anxiety, the choices available are so vast, yet every item is touted as an absolute must-have. We have used our experience and our clients’ to narrow down our essential luxurious nursery list to these seven items.

6 items every nursery needs

Choose a Unique Cot
A stylish and safe cot for your newborn does not have to relegate your nursery to the least stylish room in the house. You can have a top-notch, show stopping nursery with a carefully selected cot. Depending on the sort of style you would like the nursery to have, for example vintage or contemporary your be able to find a cot to fit your style. The other important factors to note when choosing your cot is the size, in the UK cots are available in two standard sizes; cot (120 x 60cm) and cot bed (140 x 70cm). Also be sure that the cot your buying adheres to British safety standards, for more information take a look at our cot buying guide.

Sleep Like a Baby
A good night’s rest begins with a good mattress. Our organic mattresses are made here in the uk using nature’s finest natural materials – including our organic and very soft lambswool – making them dreamily comfortable. These special materials guarantee cosines in winter and just the right level of ventilation in summer. Best of all, they offer different levels of support & three different types of fillings-coco, latex and mohair.  A new mum recently shared about how her restless baby slept through the night for the first time when she switched to an organic mattress. You can find out more about organic mattresses on the blog next week as we will be sharing a special guest post with an expert mattress company.

Change Comfortably
Somewhere to change baby comfortably without causing you to manoeuvre into awkward positions. Lots of storage and a changing table makes this piece an absolute must in the nursery. A number of changing units also offer the option of a removable changing table which means that if you invest in a high quality changing unit it can then be beyond the nursery years in your childs bedroom as a chest of drawers.

Changing Dresser

Style it with Gorgeous Baby Bedding
Baby bedding sets the overall tone of your nursery. From cotton and linen to silks and lace, we’ve got your cot covered. Really. Stylish bedding is a great way to introduce colour & pattern into your nursery, co-ordinating sets mean you can buy the bumper which comes in two different variations; half 3 sided bumper or a full, 4 sided bumper. The bumper comes with a co-ordinating blanket & you then have the option to purchase additional pieces such as the valance, fitted sheets and if you want to add a personal touch, opt for a boudoir pillow with your babies initials.

Baby Bedding

Rock me Gently
The humble wooden rocking chair has been upgraded to a stylish, comfortable upholstered chair that glides and swivel. Popular in America, these gliders are made to order which means you can choose your own fabric. Add a throw pillow for those final months of pregnancy and exhale!

Nursery Glider Chair

Light the Lamp
Good lighting us essential, it doesn’t have to be bright. A nightlight or table lamp provides gentle lighting sufficient for tasks like changing baby and making your way around the nursery at night. It isn’t so bright as to trick your baby that it’s daytime. And therefore playtime. Use lamps to teach baby the difference between day and night.


Snug as a Bug in a Rug
A comfortable, non-slip rug adds cosiness to your nursery and is warm underfoot. Use rugs to section out areas or the nursery. Your little one will enjoy discovering the different textures when they start to crawl. Round rugs work better for smaller rooms whilst rectangular rugs work much better in a larger space.

There you have it the seven nursery essentials, do you have all of your ticked off the checklist? If you need help with choosing items for your nursery please do get in touch design@thebabycotshop.com we would be happy to help.



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